Friday, June 15, 2012

Congratulations To My Husband!

Congratulations to my husband for finishing his Medical Assistant course last Thursday. I am so proud of him and happy, too, that he is finally certified. Together, we had been into tough situation, but it finally came to an end. This has been my husband's dreams to be able to work in a medical field, and now he is ready for any job opening.

It was a long road for him. He took Phlebotomy when we were in Michigan, but due to his back problem, he was adviced to switch course. He was devastated then because he wanted the course so much. We moved down here in Florida, he decided to upgrade to Medical Assistant. A year ago he had decided to undergo another back surgery with the hope that it will enable him to perform better. While everybody was scared for him because it was a "break or make" decision. It could make him perform better, or it could end him up paralyze. But God was with the surgery, and granted a success on it.

May the next chapter of his life be easier and favorable for him. May God lead my husband into a job that will make him happy, fulfilled and grow at the same time. And may all these brings glory to our God.

Again, I am so happy and so proud of you... and I love you, my huckleberry.


Denise said...

Congrats to your husband.

jane walts said...

congratulations! Looking forward for more success!

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