Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fix The Floor And Get A Sponsored Deck Party

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Flood Wood Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is the 15th of June already, and so far, there have been 2 tropical storms already. It has been raining since the first day of June… as in good amount of rain… and as in almost every day. Well, it does good to my vegetable plants, they are growing big rapidly… and I am so happy about it.

But obviously, not everybody is happy about rain, especially if it leads to flooding. Unfortunately, my husband’s cousin up in Tallahassee is one of the victims of flooding. Their house has wood flooring and living right next to the river flooded their house as the river rises. It was such a sad mishap. Actually, they just moved in there a year ago, and they didn’t know yet what is the downside of the house… and well, need not say; now they do.

It could have been avoided if they knew before they moved in. Or well, they must have missed to consider the odds of having wood flooring. Well, nothing is really “too late” even if it does look like it is.  Flood® Wood Care  is very known in its reputation as “The Wood Care Specialist”. It is the best solution for any wood care project. They guaranteed security, confidence and peace of mind to their users because of the effort and perfectionism they render to their products that you can even take pride on. Their product is reliable and has long lasting quality performance. They are highly recommended by those who had tried them. This company has been in this business for more than a decade and that is how they became expert on the exterior wood care for your good sake.

Plus, it looks like my husband’s cousin is right on time on availing this product  because they are now having a Take it Easy Sweepstakes  ; and while he may have fun staining his floor, he will have a chance of winning more supplies with labor… or even better, a $2,000 with which he can host a dream deck party. Wohoo! Ain't that awesome, fixing the floor to have a sponsored deck party? I’m crossing my fingers hoping that he will win and then my husband and I will be on the road going to their place for the party!

Visit their website and join their sweepstakes to win the sponsored deck party, too, and please don't forget to invite me.  :)

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