Sunday, July 29, 2012

Walt Disney World 2012

I finally got it figured out on how to upload pictures the easy way that it used to be. I searched for any assistance from their technician, and found out that all I need to do is to switch to its "old interface". Sounds like Facebook with its new timeline, huh?

I will add more description and a little story-telling later, after dinner. :-)

(August 8, 2012)

Ok, I am back. Whew! It took me almost three weeks to come back. Pardon my negligence, I am extremely busy these days... (and it feels like forever, trust me). I can't recall anymore when did I start being extremely busy that updating on my blog seemed impossible, but somehow, my husband and I were managed to had a couple of days break on that last weekend of the month of June. We decided to spend them at the Walt Disney World. (Thank God that it was possible.

There are four theme park in Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida). We agreed to pick the Disney's Hollywood Studio. Although I haven't been in any other park than this one, but in my opinion, it was great for grown ups like myself and my husband.

Among all the "booths" or "rides" (whatever you call it), my favorite was the "Hollywood Tower Hotel". It was our first one, and was a great way to start our day. Plunging in the pitch darkness while the elevator shaft either drops you that will literally takes you off from your seat or take you up and up that leaves you clueless on where it will take you. That was fun though.

My husband's favorite was "The Great Movie Ride" where it took us to the shooting location where the action took places and the characters (wax) were there, too. It was cool when we were in the middle of John Wayne shooting action with his enemies.

The whole theme was fantastic. It surely beat the stress out from us. Once again, I would like to thank God for that wonderful opportunity that he gave us.

You can enlarge any picture by clicking on the image. :-)


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