Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mother, Mother I Am Sick

"Mother, mother I am sick.
Call the doctor very quick.
Doctor, doctor shall I die?
No, my mama, do not cry."

But my own version would be:

"Husband, husband I am sick.
Bring me to my mama very quick.
Mama, I want to stay with you,
'Coz my husband don't know what to do."

I hate it when I get sick here because it made me want to be with my mama where she would always took good care of me and always make sure I get what I need. Sad to say, (and I hate saying this) my husband is not good at taking care of sick people. I think it aggreviates him. He will do though whatever I asked him to, but it has to be verydetailed for him to follow it. I don't know why... but he is a loving husband though. It aggreviates him when I told him what to do and then messed up with it, and then, I get upset because I don't feel good. On the other hand, when left to his own, he does things wonderfully in helping me feel better. I love my husband very much...

Personally, I prefer not asking me what I want or need... and how. It would be awesome to receive special treatment, I mean it will really make you feel better soon knowing that you are very well taken care of, rather than asking giving orders to do this and that... where you are in a situation that you don't want to talk as much as possible.

Anyhow, what happened to me? Cough and back pain. Very common to me. But hey, it has been a while since the last time I had this, where back in the past, I always had this at least twice a year. I think my immune system fell down lately because I am not eating very healthy lately. Well, it is surely never too late to start eating healthy again.

So, I am forced to take a day off from work. I took most of the time since I was home on bed. The cough syrup that my husband bought just made me sleep all the time, and the Mucinex is taking care of my chest and the phleghm. I sure hope I will be feeling better tomorrow so I can go back to work, or else it will bring a sad face to my check in a couple of weeks to come.

God, I miss blogging. It feels so good to be back here and writing down my thoughts. I hope I don't have to be sick to blog again soon.

May all of you have a blessed Sunday.

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