Sunday, September 23, 2012


PUSH. Pray Until Something Happen.

We (my husband and I) started this evening prayer since last month for a specific prayer request. We never miss a night, and we never stop praying for a certain prayer request until it was answered and granted to us.

So far, we have 1 granted prayer request. Praise God! Presently, we are now holding on to this second prayer request that we have been asking for more than a month now.
God is not shutting his ears on us, nor delaying his answer... He made things happen (prior to our request) on the right time, knowing that his right time is the perfect time for us.

On some cases, God is giving us lessons in the form of problems for us to solve. If we don't recognize the lesson, there is no way we can learn from it, and then, the longer God will remove from us the problem as well. That is why, my prayers is always; "God, help us learn what you want us to learn. Reveal to us your message from this situation, that we may know and may apply it in our lives. And so that then, we can pass this test." Otherwise, the problem will repeat itself, and we will never move on because we can't pass the test. It is simply like taking academic class or course, if we don't pass the test, we have to do it all over again... and that means wasting time. Therefore, if we don't want to waste time on re-routing, pray that you will learn the lesson from the hardship, pass it and maybe then, God will remove it from you.

Have a good evening, everyone.


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