Friday, October 5, 2012

Adios, Mi Amor Blackberry.

Buenas Tardes! Que pasa, amigas?

This was my first cellphone when I got here in America. My husband got this for me on December of 2009.I love this phone very much although most people say it's complicated. On December of 2011, I got a new one, of course, a better one. A Samsung Infuse, and again, I love my cellphone, my new cellphone. I think this is just me. I love everything that belongs to me, either I bought them or given to me.

Just few weeks ago, I decided to put my Blackberry on sale on Craigslist. "Who is Craig?" I saw this question on one of the local newspapers, because this Craigslist is taking out the business of the local newspaper industry. Well, we can't blame the people who use Craigslist to put their items on it because it is very convenient and free. It is sad though. We don't want to hear a newspaper company or any local business closing down. I hope they can find a way to keep going.

Anyhow, it was too difficult for me to let go of my old cellphone because I love it very much. I think I am getting older, can't let go of the things that means something to me. However, I know it is silliness to keep the phone where I can turn it into money, good money. The phone was in excellent shape except of a minor, almost unnoticeable scratch on the back of the phone, and that was it. Battery was still excellent. CD's, data cable, original charger and sleeve were still there, too, but I was not able to give the manual because it is not somewhere within my convenient reach. In other words, I was too lazy to dig it from one of the container stackings.

I was not home when it was sold. I think it was a good thing for me not to see it going. And I was so glad that it was sold on the price that really made me happy. Muy Feliz! To whoever have my phone now. Enjoy your new baby and may it last longer in your hand as it did on me, too.

Muchos gracias,  por los bendeciones, Dios mio. 

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