Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday- The Lord's Day

Buenas tardes!

My work only allows me to go to church every other Sunday. Not too bad, but to be able to go to church every Sunday would be best. Well, compare to my previous job, I only got the chance to go to church when I requested a Sunday off which happened once every two months. I am so glad I left that work.

I feel so satisfied and well-fed in the congregation we are in right now. It is the same church that I mention almost three years ago; the same one that we tried first and liked it at once. I am so happy that my husband seem to like and enjoy the fellowship as well. That is very important to me.

Something made me sad lately though, one dinner time with my parents-in-law, we were all talking about chrisitianity in the politician's view, that led my dad-in-law in saying that he believe in God, but he just don't believe in going to church. I could debate about it until he will understand the importance of fellowship if I would, but I didn't. Not that I was scared of rejection or unacceptance, but because I just decided to give him his time of speaking out his heart and mind because he rarely do that. However, I believe one day will come that he will realize the essence of fellowship, I may don't know how but there can be bunches of ways for that to happen and it will start with me praying for him.

And what a day it would be for all of us going to church every Sunday!

Hasta luego!