Friday, September 28, 2012

Vote - For Our Future

My husband can't wait for this election to be over because he is so sick with these political ads on TV commercials.

I can't vote yet. My husband can, and he always does.

It is so sad to witness that a candidate won, people rejoices over it, but a few weeks after the people who put the "person" in the position are the same people who the "person" to leave the position.

Not surprising at all! In the new testament, they praised Jesus Christ as He was teaching with great wisdom among the crowds, healing sick and forgiving sin. They claimed him as their king. The long awaited messiah, but not long after that, these are the same people who shouted and demanded to Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus Christ.

Another story, back in the old Testament, the Israel was asking for a king because they only had priest then as their leader. So, they persistently bothered the priest to tell the Lord that they are demanding a king to lead them. Finally, the Lord gave in to them and so He gave them king Saul, the same king who later on chase David (the man after God's own heart) to death.

What is my point? It is simple; human is human. We cannot accomplish anything with our "king" or "president" without our help in form of prayers to God for our leader's guidance in making decisions.

As I said, I can't vote yet, but I have this very simple advice. While the political campaigns are still going on, gather as much information you need to know about the candidates... dig deeper if you have to... you may want to share what you have learned to your friends and acquaintances, do so... and on the day of election, pray that people will vote the right person... pray that God will place in the position the candidate that deserves it... and when the result is out, whoever won, submit to the "person in the position" with regular prayers for guidance for our leaders in making decisions and everything else, because our leaders are just humans, and they need all the prayers and divine intervention they can get to help them run the country properly, because a divided house can't stand.

Vote- With Prayer- For Our Future.

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