Friday, October 12, 2012

My New Pair Of BTE


BTE- Behind The Ear, or in other words, hearing aid.

Some of you may have remember (although it may sound weird if you do) about my post almost four years ago that I started using hearing aid. Well, unfortunately, that hearing aid didn't last too long. Just like gadgets, their style phased out, and when they don't work, it is so hard to look around for someplace to fix it, but mostly, nobody can.

January of this month, a very concerned friend of mine handed me a flier. The flier was about a free-30 days trial for a new product, Silvertone BTE. It was not very long before that my right hearing aid stop working and so I had the left left. (I know it sounds confusing with that double word.) I qualified.

To make the story short, they had me try the BTE for 30 days, and wow! their product is so awesome... way better than my old one. And smaller, too, which is very important to me because the old pair I had was bigger and it hurts behind the ear.

After 30 days, we went back and forth to their office, for interview as to how much did I liked it; they give me fitting for the molding; they adjusted the BTE prior to my need... but they never talked to me about the payment arrangement. When we tried to bring up the subject of payment arrangement, the specialist always cut us up by saying "We'll take care of it." And we thought it meant that we will talk about it later, as in the next visit, but it never did.

I was busy with my job, and my husband was busy with his internship, and that enabled us to go back to their office as frequently as we should, until one day, we just found out they weren't in that spot anymore. We don't know where to find them, they have my information, address, contact number, but we never heard from them anymore. In other words, I got a new pair of BTE for free AGAIN! Thank you very much, God.

FYI, these pair of BTE is worth $4,000+ for the pair. What a huge blessing! Wherever they are, and whatever their reason of not getting in touch with me for the payment, "May God bless them richly."

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