Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dinosaur Store (Cocoa Beach, Florida)

This picture was taken few months ago. It was during one of my day off from work that I decided to take a peek in the Dinosaur Store which is only four miles away from our house. We have move here in Florida from Michigan for almost three years ago now, and we had never been in The Dinosaur Store because I thought it is only for the little boys or girls that wants to see Dinosaur fossils and such...
Well, I was wrong. They have live alligators (No, this one on the picture is not real, but there are couple of live alligator behind that door behind me. Seriously.) They have 10-feet anaconda along with the several other kinds of snakes. But what I like the most are the gems... rare stones and rocks. I bought myself "FOOL'S GOLD" and "QUARTS". I just started collecting rare gems, or you call it rare stones. Just before I bought these, I already have "agate" and "petowsky" from Upper Peninsula (Michigan), "limestone" and "coal" from West Virginia. Of course, I will be getting more, I just don't want to be so obsessive and be carried away and end up spending a fortune just for these rocks, although they can be an investment, a small investment perhaps. For me, it will take away the pleasure of collecting if I will buy everything at one time, whereas if I only buy a couple kind to every place I go to, and that's where the excitement is.
Thank you, Lord, for the blessings.


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