Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Am Kissing Goodbye To The (Costume) Halloween Party

In the first place, I shouldn't have done this at all anyway being a strong believer. But what drawn me into it? It was probably the fact that I never had costume party when I was still in the Philippines. It was kinda like giving myself the chance to act like a kid again.

It started out back in 2010, our first (costume) Halloween party among Filipino friends. It was a birthday party of one of our friend, Jane. She wanted it to be a costume birthday party. I was actually hesitant then because of my faith, but I sugar-coated it with a thought that it will only be a costume party. Nothing devilish. I was broke then because I just got back from my 1-month Philippine vacation, and so, I couldn't afford to buy a costume. I found and bought a French maid costume at eBay at a very unbelievably cheap price. I thought it was neat. My husband had his last minute shopping at a costume shop, and got the Tarzan set. I was uncomfortable with my costume. It was too daring for me. It took me few days after the party to realize that the costume I was wearing were not something for the party. I believe it was a kinky costume. I think I was so blinded due to the fact that it was the only costume I could afford at that time. Oh well, it happened already. No sense looking back with regrets.

Costume (Halloween) Party 2011. I was looking forward to it. I made sure we bought our costume early so that we don't have to be looking elsewhere and ended up getting what we didn't want. I was a Cleopatra and my husband was a Julius Caesar. I love our costume that time, and I enjoyed the party with confidence. I bought the costume from Wal-Mart. And by the way, it was again a birthday party for Jane, too.

Costume (Halloween) Party 2012. My husband was excited about it. He had in mind already what he wanted to be and what he wanted me to be. I was a squaw (an American Indian girl). My husband was Clint Eastwood. I think it was my favorite costume on all three of them. And as usual, we had fun taking pictures. Food were awesome and endless. The numbers of Filipino participants were growing each year. To some of us it was like a little reunion because we get to see some of our friends who were from a distant, and just came over to join the costume party. Time for catching up with each other. And yes, it was again a birthday party for Jane, too.

Costume (Halloween) Party 2013. It will be in a couple of days, November 1st. What are we going to wear this time? Nothing, because we are not going. Strangely though, the day that I told my husband that we will skip this year on going to the Costume (Halloween) Party because we were trying to save money for our oncoming Philippine vacation, was the same day that I later heard from my friend, Jane, who was to celebrate the birthday, that they will be on cruise on her birthday, and that will mean that there will be no costume birthday party for her. Imagine how stunned I was! I was like, how did I know??? However, the host, the owner of the house where we always held the party decided that there will still be Costume (Halloween) Party because it has becoming like a tradition to their family and to us her friends. Nevertheless, I had already decided and is determined not to do it this year, because we need to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

A couple of days ago, I read an article about a lady who kiss the Halloween goodbye. I was amazed because somehow I can relate to her confession, and it had somehow enlightened my mind on what celebrating Halloween really is all about. She also had same excuses as mine when it comes to sugar-coating the events by claiming that the party was only Disney-like costumes. Nothing scary or devilish, but the fact that it fell on the Halloween season with everybody in America doing the same thing, it is something that I can't escape away.

Therefore, I declare today, as I did to my friends last night via text messages, that I am kissing goodbye to the Costume (Halloween) Party because it conflicts my faith in God. I hope and pray that I will not stumble in the future. I still want to join any costume party though, if it doesn't fall on Halloween season.

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