Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Cellphone Shutdown

My cellphone shutdown last night while I was checking my message. At first I thought it was just a battery malfunction because this happened few days ago, too, and no more than 30 seconds it turned on by itself again. My cellphone will be 2 years in 1st week of December, and anybody who knows how I handle my stuff can agree with me that this cellphone should still be in an excellent working condition.

I told my husband about this. He tried to figure out something to turn it back on, but nothing happened. So, the best thing we can do for now is to move my sim card to his old cellphone (same unit with mine), BUT... the problem would be how can I get access to my stored memos from my cellphone? :-(

I am so dependent on my cellphone that whenever something pop up on my mind I put them down right away on my memo for me to work on the right time. It has my saving statement, accounts access, shopping list, etc., and not to mention thousands of pictures, too. I am hoping that if my cellphone have to retire, to at least give me a chance to be able to move all my stuff to my Samsung Note. I'm a little disappointed. I told my husband that I am not ready to get a new phone. I just got my Samsung Note last month for my birthday. Besides, I was planning to get a new cellphone on January next year so I can give this phone to my sister.

My husband said that our phones and gadgets are insured, and that means that if something happened, stolen, lost, accidentally drowned in the pool, or just stopped working; we can get a new one. What a relief! However, I'm still not ready to give up my cellphone. I hope it will turn back on soon.


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