Friday, October 11, 2013


Three months ago, Michelle, one of my Filipina friend announced to us that she took the driving test and that she passed it. All of us were cheering with her. The truth is, almost all of my friends are driving now, but not me. What's wrong with me? I don't know. Maybe I just happened to not need badly to learn to drive because we happened to live right next to WalMart (to shop anytime I need), and that is where I work, our fellowship is just right across where we live, my husband's family lived around us, too. If I want to go somewhere, either my husband or any of my husband's family are willing to take me there. And above all, my husband never talked to me about learning to drive. So, I guess you understand where I stand.
I know I still need to learn to drive whether I badly need it or not. Believe me, I heard a lot of people telling me that I need to learn to drive for emergency purpose. They're all right, and I am considering that. In fact, right after Michelle passed the test, I called her and borrowed her booklet so I can start reading it.
However, I found out that I have to take the TSLAE first. I asked her about how and what to do, and I did and I passed. Yay! I was so happy about it. It felt like I had accomplished one huge thing.
Next thing to do is to read the booklet in preparation for the second test. It has been three months since, and guess what, I haven't done reading the booklet. The fire that was in me burned down. I lost the passion again. Who can blame me? I am just so self-sufficient with everything that is going on around me. But this I promise to myself (with God's intervention), I will take the next test before 2015. (I'm sorry, 2013 is almost over. I can't make it that close.) :-)

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