Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Alex

One of the things that had really keep me from doing the things that I am suppose to be doing lately is this cutie Alexandrine Parakeet that we call Alex. A very good friend asked us (my husband and I) if we want a parakeet. They had three birds and they can not give all the attention each birds needed, so they decided to give him away. We went to their house to see the parakeet, he stayed on my husband's shoulder shortly, he stayed on mine, too... he seemed observing us... and we instantly fell in love with him.

We have him for almost two months now. The arrangement was to give him a try with us, and if it won't work, we can give him back to them. So far, the words that he can say are;  "COCO", it's when he wants something, "Kiss-Kiss", it's when he wants some kisses, which lasted an hour or more if you don't interrupt him, and "What's up-What's up" very softly almost like a whisper. He already learned these words when he was still with his previous owner. Nothing new since we have him. We tried to teach him some new words, but my husband said he's probably working on it, because my husband always overheard him mumbling something. He is very good at mimicking something else though, something that he hears around.

He is very demanding on attention. He always wants both of us to be in the same room that he is. He likes to be on my shoulder when I am working in our kitchen. He likes eating with us on our dining table. He likes to eat. He likes to dunk his dry food on the water. Lately, I started taking him with me to shower, while he is on my shoulder, the water fell on my head he got some, too. He seems to like it very much.

We love him dearly. We give him what we think he needs and is good for him. We hope to be able to give him the attention that he needs, and I hope that he will start learning new words and will become and stay physically, emotionally and socially healthy.


Linda said...

Wonderful post and lovely photo and blog.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

Kumusta na..salamat sa pagiging bahagi sa walong taon ng blog ko..thank you....isa ka sa pinapasalamatan ko....

Happy 8 years......

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng blog ko sa 10 years...celebrating 10 years, Written Feelings....

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