Sunday, December 6, 2015

GE Photos by Grace Elliott

I am so sorry that it took me over a month to post here again. I was so caught up with a lot of things; NEW BUSINESS, FIRST EVER PET, and THE HOLIDAY SEASON AT WORK (being a cashier at WalMart). Well, lately they  put me on late morning to early night shift, that left me not much time and energy to do something else that I wanted to do at the end of my shift... I even neglected lately my gardening and keeping the house in order. It will become more intense as the Christmas day comes closer... finalizing gifts... going to parties... and preparing for my personal Christmas day. Times like this, I always ended up sick in the past years; cold, cough and fatigue. That is why this time, I don't want it to happen again. I carefully consider first any events or activities to participate, so I can fully enjoy the season of Christmas, and can fully be grateful to the true meaning of Christmas.

I wanted to launch my business on January, but I was thinking and hoping that Christmas time is when people may want to order my product as gifts to their love-ones.

Finally, here is the business that I was talking about on my previous post. I call it GE Photos by Grace Elliott. Here is the link on my Facebook page;

I took all the photos myself, turned them into black and white using apps, and watermarked them. The photos size are 4x6. Frames are by orders, and mostly from Amazon.
If you are interested on this product for somebody or even just for yourself, send me message and I will try to reach to you and we will discuss about it.
Thank you very much, and may God bless all of you.

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