Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flower Gallery

I had a hard time posting these pictures. I want them to stick together, and its impossible to do it here in this site. So, what I did, I took pictures of these flowers stick together, composed this message and post the pictures from my mailbox. It don't look good. But I just want to expresss my passion in flowers. These flowers are found in our lawn. There are more in my gallery taken from some places, but I will just post the rest on some other days.

Nature really fascinates me. It reminds me of God's beauty and awesome power.

"He (God) is the Maker of heaven and earth, .. and everything in them... " Psalm 146:6 TNIV


Ken's choice said...

I think you did a right good job with your flower pictures, my compliments, hope your day is going to be good,
God Bless.


Love your flower photos! I use my photos to make quilts!~! I live in Michigan too!~!