Friday, October 17, 2008

Independence Bank

The past three weeks, I opened a bank account at Independence Bank, Kingston, MI. One of my purpose on opening an account was to be able to use Paypal Account. It was very easy and convenient to us. There was not much filling-up of forms. There were cookies and coffee for free. The staffs were so friendly and approachable. With the little amount for initial deposit, a lot go with it, such as; atm debit card, discount cards, check books, etc. And what amazed me most was the free gift for the new depositor and another free gift for the one who took me there. I got CorningWare set as their gift for me and a choice of that same gift or the Ironworks tool set for the one who took the new depositor to their bank. Isn't this cool?


Pearl Josue said...

How I wish banks here in the Philippines would offer such great promos too! :-)

Hi! I'm Ruby said...

oh yes, it's cool. :)

niar said...

I really glad to know that you fond of saving money in Bank. It's important for our future isnt is?
congrat for the gift. hope there's a bank like this in my place.