Tuesday, January 6, 2009


One of the gift that my husband gave me during Christmas day was this, Acu-Hoop . It is 4lbs, medium hulahoop. 40 inches diameter and the pipe is 1.75 inches. This is exactly what I need! I like its color, too. I play 10 minutes every early morning, (at least 30 minutes before breakfast) and another 10 minutes in the afternoon, (at least 30 minutes before dinner) It promise to trim your waist 2 inches monthly until fit.
CAUTION: Due to the strong impact direct to abdominal and body muscles, use gradual length of time in the first week starting 1 minute, or what you can handle. Do not use more than 20 minutes at one time. Over excercise may cause injury.


Joops said...

You're going to be sexier for that hehehe..

ryliej said...

hi grace mukhang magpapapayat ka ah hehehe.. i do hula hoops in the gym here once in a while

funny humor said...

u looked good with that hoolahop,hehehe..

tikno said...

Good for health

edu said...

hola Grace
I'm sorry I don't speak english very well
you must see my blog
ciao cara

Heather said...

looks like fun!

rummuser said...

Hula Hoops were very popular about fifty years ago. I am glad to see them make a come back. Great exercise for the hips.

The idea was to keep twirling the hoop without using the hands and take the hoop gradually to the ankles and bring it back up to the hips. Try!