Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Handmade Greeting Cards Entry

I am posting these 3 handmade greeting cards as my entry for Card Challenge at Jo's blog . Actually, I don't consider myself competing as there are a lot more prettier handmade cards there, but this is kind of a showing what is my handmade greeting card look like.
The card paper is a specialty board. The envelop is made of specialty paper. I made the envelop. I have my best friend made the writings, but I am the one who arranged how and what to write on. The designs are made of dried, pressed grass. The vase on the middle card is cut out from caimito leaf. I made a lot of money from these when I was still in the Philippines. Sad to say that I can't do the same here because I can't find around the kind of grass that I need for this.
I hope you like these.


Jo said...

Oh Grace! They are beautiful!! I hope you continue with the challenge every week.... it's so much fun :)

If you haven't already done it (I haven't checked yet so ignore this if you have) go to and put a link to your card post there :) She has the Mr Linky set up on her blog...


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Grace, those are beautiful. What a talent you have. Too bad you can't find the grasses and such here. Perhaps there is someone back in the Phillipines that you know that could send you some?

Thank you for your kind words too. Love and blessings,

Ter said...

Very nice! :)

Denise said...

So beautiful.

Duni said...

Grace, these cards are so beautiful. How talented you are!
Perhaps your relatives in Philippines can send some supplies occasionally?
Thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog. Makes me smile today.

have a nice day,


Manang Kim said...

Hi grace your cards are beautiful keep it up you have talent girl.

Fateen said...

Those are beauiful cards u have made.. You are very talented person, hope that you will always find a way to always continue what u do..