Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Animal Health Care

To most household here in US, dogs and cats are considered part of the family. I remember last Christmas, my mom-in-law asked me to write down names on each of the Christmas socks and I was surprised that our three dog’s name was on the list, too. Well, what it mean was that, they deserve special treats, too. I already introduced to you that this is Fluffer, a mongrel. He is so submissive to what I want him to do.
Talking about dogs, American Animal Care Center is an animal hospital dedicated to enhance and expand the human-animal bond for over 22 years already. They have a good reputation in the area of animal care. Their expert veterinarians and knowledgeable staff are committed to the goal of giving maximum care possible to the animals, providing the same high-quality medical care as we, human would have for our own. They are also committed to provide information and resources necessary to help us make educated decisions about health care of our pets. If you are interested, stay connected with them; visit their website to learn more. You can also follow them at American Animal Care Center Flickr and in American Animal Care Center Twitter .


payatot said...

siguro e nasanay na na si madir in law mo na sa ganun set up at pati aso e kasama sa mga listahan..animal lover si lola ano?

Denise said...

Good post.