Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chair To Rhyme Your Menu

I’m sure some of you could remember that I talked about our plan of putting up a restaurant once we get settled in Florida. My sister (who used to be a small restaurant owner) used to tell me that restaurant is a good business because everybody has to eat. ( I think I agree with that. He-he-he) My husband used to be a cook, too, few years ago and that is why he has the passion of putting up a restaurant. My husband loves spicy hot foods. He loves “sili sauce” (a Filipino sauce). In fact, he was considering that some menus would be Filipino foods. The best word that could describe that prospect restaurant would be, “Asian Cuisine”. Hmm… sounds like this name already exist. If so, we have to look for another strategic name.
Talking about restaurant business, FashionSeating.com has a huge selection of elegant chairs for restaurant needs. An advice was given to us that picking the right kind of chairs for the kind of restaurant you got does a good part in success. I picked up this chair from FashionSeating.com, and I thought to myself this would rhyme to the Asian theme that we had planned. I am so happy that I found this website because they greatly help us to be more creative.


Denise said...

I hope the site will be very helpful to you.

Michele Williams said...

I like that chair... no arms... sometimes I don't fit in chairs that have arms...