Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Let It Be Known To All The World

It is Thankful Thursday once again. It has been a rough week for me but having God on my side is always a win-win situation. I would like to highlight this verse before I go on with my list of things that I am thankful of.
"In that day you will say: "Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted. Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world. Isaiah 12: 4-5 NIV
.....*I thank God for reminding me to watch my priorities in life again. I admit, I messed up lately.
.....*I thank God for His clear message for me that I received through having quite time with Him.
.....*I thank God that for leading us to a good and cheap dental clini and finally, had my dental check-up.
.....*I thank God for the good health of my mother, my husband, my friend and my parents-in-law. And of course, I thank God for the good health of our three dogs, too.
.....*I thank God for the daily provisions.
.....*I thank God that that I saw robins this morning. My mom-in-law told me it is a sign that spring starts.
.....*I thank God for for His loving kindness. His mercies are new every morning.
.....*I thank God for all my sponsored post on the past seven days.
.....*I thank God for all my blogger friends that are regularly take time to visit and read my post. I really appreciate it very much.
.....*I thank God for those people who care for me. Bless them, O God.
And many, many more. Giving thanks to God is acknowledging that without Him, we can not accomplish anything, that we owe everything we got to Him. May His glorious name, Jesus Chirst be praise always and forever!


Denise said...

I thank God for you dear.

annie kelleher said...

i can always feel the love in your post, grace... you're a blessing, too!

Beth in NC said...

What a beautiful Thankful list! Happy TT Grace!


Nortehanon said...

Oh, so many things to be thankful for!

For me, each day in our life, each minute that passes is a sweet miracle to be thankful for ;)

T T Tan said...

Thank God for the Grace:)
It is definitely much better to be thankful for what we have than to keep perusing after what we do not have blindly.

Joy said...

A wonderful list. Inspiring.

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Marsha said...

I've been curious about all your advertising/writing posts. Is that a job? I know my niece is looking for a job she can do at home to suppliment their income. Is this a doable thing?

Bless you Thankful Heart!

the donG said...

just so many things, situations and people to be grateful. this sets you apart to the many bloggers grace.

Jacky said...

sis d ko rin nga alam.. Kasi d ko rin cya makita pag open ko ng page ko. pero yung code nadun pa rin. Pero sa iba nakakapag drop naman sila. Nag email na rin ako sa entrecard

ediretnati said...

I thank to God, that you'll be my friend...... keep in touch and blogging for share.......


Grace, ROFL means "rolling on the floor laughing" a little more expressive than LOL= laughing out loud. BOM= block of the month & LQS= local quilt store.
Today the Lord laid it on my heart to do a six week bible study on "refreshing yourself in the Lord". I am going at it in a round about way since most of my friends are not christians. I want them to start reading the posts and be introduced to the bible. It really amazes me that not many people read it. Then the prizes are the catch. I hope you win one week! I am making an apron for the first week. What do you think about this?

ghee said...

amen to that,Grace...

Kristie said...

it's good to be thankful :)

Sidney said...

It is nice you see the good things in life and that you are thankful. It shows you are a very good person.

payatot said...

ang daming bagay ang dapat natin ipagpasalamat sa diyos, at isa na dun ay ang mabuhay tayo araw araw..

Clarissa said...

You're a blessing--I thank God for YOU!^_^