Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Big And The Little Dipper

We were out shrimping again last night because as Orville said, when there's storm around, it is the best time for shrimping. Indeed, we were not disappointed, we caught a whole bunch of shrimps that were more than enough for five people.
Plus, I had my crab again... and this time, there were two fishes in the trap, too. As usual, I had the crab and the two fishes all by myself because nobody else want it. I enjoyed my breakfast with the sauteed crab and the fried fishes this morning.
Back to last night activity, right from our location while we were shrimping, we saw the rocket that was ready to launch anytime at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, it was ready that the all lights were up like a giant flourescent from a distance, but because of the stormy weather last night, they had to postpone it.
My husband pointed to me the "big dipper" and was trying to find the "little dipper"... everybody else helped finding the "little dipper", too. They were trying to explain to me these stars. The Big Dipper and Little Dipper are part of the constellations of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor respectively. I think I have seen these stars back in the Philippines, too, and I just didn't took notice of it.


Denise said...

Very awesome.

BK said...

Looked like you had a great breakfast and enjoyable weekend. :)

the donG said...

i actually miss star gazing. we did once in mall of asia barrier long before.

but it's best done along a beach shore.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

A great meal (I love crab and shrimp) + Kennedy Space Center + Star gazing =
A Wonderful Day.

That's sounds like a busy but amazing day.

WT said...

Ohh I would love to try Shrimping and I need to get some time to go fishing again!

Dhemz said...

star gazing...lovely! oh my...nag shrimping napod diay mo sis...maau ra jud mo diha...ehhehe...:)

salamat tuod sa imong comment ha...oo balo si Akesha gamay ug bisaya....both tagalog and bisaya man jud ako tudlo sa iya...tapos iya papa mag teach ug english...lisod lagi usahay kay d sila kasinabot sa iya papa...ehehe...for example gusto nya mo gawas, iya papa wala man kasabot jung unsa ang "labas papa"...hahah...saonz nalang...:)

Mari said...

i"ve heard of those dippers - the big one and the small one - but I never paid much attention to them. I'm not much on astronomy.

In any event, it's good you got some shrimp, fish and crab for your dinner. I had some fish for dinner last night, as well.

ghee said...

oh,nice shot!mahirap kunan ang sky esp at night at lalong mahirap makatyempo ng ganitong mga stars.

been a while Grace and thanx for visiting!!

Mr. Puggle said...

Thanks for visiting Mr. Puggle!