Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are You Ready For Snowmobiling This Winter?

My first winter experience here in Michigan was fun. I had my share of experience playing on the snow, but I know I still missed a lot of things about snow and one of them is snowmobiling. There was one time that a man came to our place with his snowmobile and I was so curious that I wanted to try but the man was in a hurry.
Talking about snowmobiling, let me share to you the premier snowmobile website ever; SLEDtv.org. This is very interesting! There is no other site that has a bigger or better collection of snowmobile videos or snowmobile content. All of the top riders and tuners in the country visit this website for lots and lots of information on snowmobiling, trails, tips and tricks, instructional videos, or trailers for the latest hardcore snowmobile videos. Sport fanatics? Or just curious? It is about time that you start gathering information about snowmobiling.


Anonymous said...

In India it is not that common but good you mention about the website.
Thankyou !

Denise said...

Looks like fun.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Snowmobiling sounds fun. nice site. Thanks for sharing.

Dhemz said...

hello sis...kung mag tag sa post...

dba pag mag create ka ug post naa man sa ubos ang "post labels" nga box..mao na sya ang tags sis....bale butangan nimo ug words nga related sa imong post....like example sa akong post sa akong blog..naa sa ubos na sya makita....tags or labels are the same.

let me know if you don't get what I mean...hehehehhe