Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Virtual Assistant Service in the Philippines

I want to lead you to the site of my friend in Cebu City, Philippines. Here is the review of his website.

Virtual assistant services is now a fast growing industry in the provision of support services for professional administrative, technical or marketing primarily because it gives a client company ease and convenience for its customers.

Usually, virtual assistant service firms are quite easy to avail as a lot of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms nowadays exists in growing numbers throughout the world. Common modes of data transfer used by these firms include: Internet, Email, IP phones, online workspaces and fax machines. Inbound customer service or professional who are working in this industry usually are in range of a field specialty and follow strict standards in support for their customers.

Small business enterprises, brokers or consultancy groups from major markets such as the US, UK and Australia avail of virtual assistant customer service to compensate the large number of services for their clients, By crude estimate, there are more than 35, 000 virtual office assistants worldwide.

This kind of online assistant jobs is now already an accepted profession for most countries especially in the Philippines where professionals are given 5 years of administrative experience in an office and have positions as executive assistants, office managers, supervisors, secretary, legal assistants, paralegal, legal secretary or real estate assistants.

Virtual administrative assistants can provide the best support for your business, since outsourcing it will free you from most burdens as additional manpower and equipment. Wherever you are in the world, try searching among a great host of companies and land one online with the keywords: Virtual assistant services.


Denise said...


cebu pictures said...

Thanks you so much Grace and God Bless You.

Did you know that Zamboanga have now call center company. While even Minglanilla have its own BPO office.

This is a good news to Philippines since the foreign investors are now giving high trust to our services

Stella said...

Virtual Assistant Service is really a good career option today as a lot of small and medium business enterpenurs want to cut cost on some of their executive requirements.

Online VA's are really a complete business solution for your administrative and secretarial needs.

Cammie said...

I was a little hesitent to try out a virtual assistant. But then my workload tripled and I thought, Hey, why not? I am very glad I did. Now I don't know what I would do without it!

Mike said...

Virtual Assistant are now gaining popularity in the Philippines. It became favorite career by newly graduate Filipinos

Virtual Assistant Services said...

nice article.Virtual Assistant Services could really give aide to those people that have more tasks than everybody else. availing this virtual assisting could get your life run a little smoother.
nice concept on being a VA. having the ability to know the job that’s prescribed by your employer is a good thing. Being a VA for me simply means being a online secretary.

Keep on posting!

Sridhar said...


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