Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Farming

I started farming (in Farm Town) last July prior to my families and friend's (in the Philippines) request, because they are farming, too. For a while I was addicted to this game, especially during my first few weeks. I was almost on the computer for the whole day and night because of the pressure to level up. But those days are gone. I am now slowing down. I don't work with other farms anymore. In fact, there are days that I don't touch my farm at all because I was busy.
But the other night, my friend told me that they have something new stuff available for purchase in the Farm Town. I went there and saw them... Christmas stuff. I was inspired to see the snow and the big snow pine. So, I purchased them and place them on my farm. I miss the snow, and I am glad that I can have snow, at least on my farm. Happy Farming! :)

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ForestAddy said...

Hehehehe!!!way to go girl..Nagsawa na rin ako sa farm town..Heheheh