Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meet Beth & Ann

I want you to meet my friends, Beth and Ann. The one wearing sapphire blue got the name Beth, because she really look like my late-friend, Beth. Very sophisticted and classy. She was actually a model in her prime age. This doll really reminds me of her.
The other doll in a purple is Ann. She is a clown. I named her after my best friend in Cebu, Ann. She makes everybody laugh. She is a good entertainer and a good conversationalist. She is very dear to me.
Both of them were dear to me and I miss them very much. Actually, I got these dolls from Beth's properties. Her husband had me pick whatever I want from her stuff before he had to turn them to Goodwill. He was about to move to another state and that was why he was giving away some of his stuff including some designer leather sofas . Along with Raggedy Ann & Andy, I got these two lovely little dolls, too. I just love collecting dolls. I have a lot of them in the Philippines. I have few that we left in Michigan and I hope that my parents-in-law will bring them over when they come down next year to visit us, because I miss them so much, too.

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