Monday, December 21, 2009

Protecting Our Garden From Animals

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One of the things that I miss in Michigan is the sight of deer all around. There are a lot of deer in that area that at one time, as we were picking up blackberries, a deer was passing behind me. I didn’t know. It was my mom-in-law who saw it and it was very quick. I was so scared after I knew.
If you look and listen closely, deer are very sweet. I personally heard closely their sounds of glee, too. But sad to say that deer has been the most common cause of car accident in that area, too. At one time, while we were peacefully driving going to the campsite, all of a sudden, a dear came from nowhere cross the street. I was very thankful that our car break was good and we were safe. Deer had caused a lot of damage in Dad’s vegetable garden, too. They ate the fruits and vegetables. Deer was always ahead of us in reaping the corn. Oh, how they love corn.
Aside from Deer, there are squirrel, rabbits and (the worse) the groundhogs. I believe groundhogs are the cleverest. They dug an underground tunnel from under the shed all the way to Dad’s garden. Oh boy, they really destroyed Dad’s produces. At first, Dad finds them amusing. He was watching them gathering food from a distant, but later on, they became bothersome that Dad want to get rid of them.
Good thing there is Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap is designed to help us get rid of deer in our garden. Its traps are constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for long life. Mesh openings are smaller than competing traps of comparable size to prevent escapes and stolen bait. And for the smaller unwanted animals in our garden, there is Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap . The trap is very easy and safe with release lever located at the top of the trap, a galvanized steel barrier is protecting between you and the animals. This was tested and approved by the NHGC (National Home Gardening Club).
It was a big relief to my Dad-in-law that finally there is a solution to his garden problem, while at the same time, it is safe for the animals, too. He don’t have to worry about deer or other small animals attacking the garden anymore. Visit their website and learn about Animal Trapping Tips and on how to try relocate wild animals.
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