Monday, January 11, 2010

Cozy Nights

It has been unusually cold here in Florida for five (5) straight nights. Unusual, because they say that Florida doesn't get cold in winter like we have now. It usually just around 50's in the evening, but unbelievably, we have below 30's in the past few nights. We even had snow here in the south part of Florida. The news reported said that the last time there was snow on Florida was around 1970's. Oh, how the children love the snow, and were very happy to see them on the ground Saturday morning.
My friend in Michigan called me right after they saw in television the news about having snow here in Florida. They make fun of me, because they know that we moved here in Florida because I didn't like the cold weather up there in Michigan. We had a happy conversation on the phone and we both miss each other.
Since the cold nights started, my husband and I decided to sleep on the living room, because it is a lot more chilly in our bedroom than in our loving room. This is how we look like during nights, we connect the sofa couch and the love seat together, we put a fleece blanket on it to keep us warm and we cover ourselves with comforter. We both like it that way, very cozy and comfortable; and at the same time, my husband can watch TV as long as he wants. The only thing that I didn't like is that it made me get up late in the morning because I feel so cornered that I can't move too much.
Talking about chill, we need to do something with the window in our bedroom to prevent the entering of the cold air from outside. Or maybe a thick curtain can help it, too. We are not done with the window project anyway. We are looking for shutters to make it more beautiful.


BeadedTail said...

It must be so strange to have to deal with such cold in Florida but hopefully it warms up really soon!

Cheryl said...

How awful it must be to have the cold now, especially where one doesn't expect it to be cold! Here when it is in the teens and 20s we expect it as it is winter time. I do hope it warms up soon for your sake! I like the sleeping situation, almost like camping but at least comfortable!