Saturday, January 9, 2010

Luggage Talk

In a few days it will be my mama’s birthday, and I am still here in Florida. I am so sad about that. I was really hoping to be able to visit her this time, but the money that I raise would not be enough to make the vacation satisfying. I was talking to my mama last Christmas day; she understood my situation and told me to take my time raising more money for the trip; that it is all just up to me. So, instead of visiting her, I just sent her the money during Christmas day and will send her again for her birthday.

Actually, I started gathering stuffs that I will be going to give away to my family and friends. I just hope I don’t have to bring more than two luggage bags, or else I will be paying for extra charge. That would be a waste of money.

Talking about luggage , there is one thing that I learned from travelling; it is best to have luggage bags that outstands out from the rest to make it easier to be recognized. When we were travelling to Florida, we had 2 big black luggage bags and to my despair, several other luggages look the same with ours. I tied some colored cords on the handles of them for markings, but somehow they were loosen up and were lost.

I love this Caribbean Joe Key West Luggage Collection. I found these from Sam’s Club. They are made of diamond weave palm tree dobby and are lightweight yet extremely durable. It can expand to increase packing capacity by 25% and features an internal retractable dual-tube telescopic handle with push button system. Sam’s Club has a wide collection of luggage sets , carry-on bags and duffel bags . Check them out on their website.


Cheryl said...

I too had black luggage and when we would arrive at the luggage carousel there would be dozens and dozens just like ours! We too tie bright colored tags on ours but it is still hard to figure out what is ours. This set is so pretty and looks very sleek. I hope you can take your trip very soon! Have a wonderful week!

pipay said...

Hi Grace, they looks durable, good for travelling

mothercares said...

next month is my son's birthday. I am planning to give him bag, something that it accommodates his laptop everyday

Nanaybelen said...

Hi Grace. nice to be here. good post. thanks for sharing

ghee said...

mahirap umuwi on xmas season,at uper mahal pa ng plane tickets...good luck to your next visit :)

Happy New year btw to you and your family!!

and yeah,ive been in a long hiatus and now im back :) regards!!