Sunday, January 31, 2010

National Wildlife Refuge In Titusville, FL

Saturday morning, Ed and Annette took us to National Wildlife Refuge in Titusville. It was a rough and stinky road, but the sight was worth the trip. We saw huge alligators, armadillos, vultures and these breath-taking storks.
Take note, this is not a zoo. The place is a wildlife refuge where wildlife are free to live as they ought to be. As long as you are in the car, you are safe, but if you get out from the car, you better be careful and look around for possible attack. Well, they say that these alligators are not aggressive as long as you don't aggravate them as well. There they are, just lying down, and it didn't seem to bother them that we are a couple of yards away from them.
I love these storks. They are so awesome to look at, especially before they saw us, they started to scattered and move away from us. It was the first time I had ever seen storks. I thought they were swan.
Behind me is an alligator that was crawling away from us. Way behind are vultures on those palm trees. I was kind of scared at them, too, because I had a feeling that they would attack my head. Aww!
That was a great whole day for the four of us. I really enjoyed it. After there, we had lunck at Dog's R Us. Then, we went to cheap stores for second hand stuff. We love going to cheap stores. Thanks again to Ed and Annette. Annette is my husband's cousin. We just love being with them.


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