Sunday, January 31, 2010

Address Plaque For Our Home

We are almost on our four months here in our new home. Being a first time homemaker, I can’t help but be happy on what I have done to our home. We have decorated and furnished our house the way both my husband and I like it. It is a good thing that when it comes to purchasing stuff for our house, we have the same taste, or we would have end up arguing about it. My husband is the one who is picky, but I always respected his choices, after all, his choices are all elegant.
Within four months in our new home, we are not done furnishing it. There are still things that we want to buy but have to set aside because there are things that are of greater importance as well. One of our projects for this month of February will be for our door. I would like to have a pretty address plaque hang on it, and a little note and pen holder for anyone who would missed us. I like that thought that they will have to leave their message on the note and telling us that they were here.
I found this address sign in It is a Lewis Fretwork Plaque. I like it for our door. I have not showed this to my husband yet, but I am sure that he will like this, too. If you are interested on this product, visit their website and enjoy their hundreds and hundreds of address plaques styles.