Monday, January 4, 2010

Ski In Argentina

Now that I have my Green Card, my husband can take me anywhere he wants to go, especially outside USA like Canada, South America or Europe. Part of our wedding anniversary celebration is to go to some places that are new to both of us. Oh, we have a long list on that; it will depend on what we can afford on that time. One of the places that are on our list is Argentina. I didn’t know too much about this place and I even didn’t know that they also have snow in there until I found this website, Then, it became one of the most interesting places that we really want to go. We have seen a lot of “tourism-related” TV show about Argentina, and all of them were just so amazing. Argentina is the second largest country is South America and contains a whole lot of incredible scenes and views such as the Puerto Moreno Glacier of Patagonia, Iguazu Falls of Litoral, and many more interesting spots and entertainment especially in the city of Buenos Aires.

Talking about vacation in Argentina, there I found about Ski in Argentina . It looks so cool. I didn’t know about that then. What is amazing is that not all Argentina Ski Resorts are that expensive. In fact, I have found some resorts from their site that are really “budget-friendly”. This site gives information travel site where you may choose hotels, trip packages or any excursion you may like to join. Cerro Catedral Ski Resort and Cerro Chapelco are among the best resorts in Argentina. This website can help you find a good deal of travelling plan and manage your trip in a way that all you have to do is to enjoy the experience.


Ruthy said...

wow, u moved out of state na pala sis, i thought ur still here in Michigan. Do you have friendster?

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

bigay mo na ang friendster mo kay Ruthy..

Ashleigh said...

Need a traveling plan to Argentina for skiing and enjoy the trip for this year. Thanks. Find the luxury ski holidays season in this blog.