Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our House Projects For January 2010

On this New Year, I am determined to be more productive and fruitful in every way that I can. My husband and I were talking about what are the things we need to eliminate, what are the things we need to improve and what we need to start doing. With prayers and guidance from God, we believe with faith that we can be successful in these matters.

When we talk about improvement, they are not only physically and mentally; we also mean improvement in our house settings or decoration. Although right now I can say that we already have what we basically need for our house, but there are things that still need attention such as our curtains and my little indoor garden. We have the curtains, they are brand new, but we need the metal wall hooks to attach them on . We will need to get one, and besides that, my husband needs assistant to attach them because with his physical condition, his activities are limited. That is why he had to rely on his cousin’s availability. His cousin said they will do it sometime this week. I hope so, because I am really very excited to put on our new curtain.

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