Sunday, July 4, 2010

University of Michigan Basketball

Shout out to Dawn Dagostino for the guest post.
I love University of Michigan football, but I also love University of Michigan basketball. It is too bad that all of the attention gets taken away from the University of Michigan's basketball team, because they have a pretty good team. One of my favorite hobbies is watching University of Michigan basketball games on my Satellite TV.
Maybe I am biased, because I attended the University of Michigan for my undergraduate education. Since I don’t live in Michigan anymore I rely on my satellite tv Chicago to watch all the games. I just have a passion for all U of M sports. I think watching the games on television is one of the best hobbies that anyone can have. The players have true pedigree and play with passion. I also have much respect for athletes at the University of Michigan and especially the basketball players.
The University of Michigan is a tough school with some of the best academics in the country. It is tough for athletes to balance sports and school, but somehow they find a way to manage it. Also, the University of Michigan always encourages athletes to value their academic studies, which is something not found at many colleges.
U of M basketball players always bring unmatched intensity to their basketball games. I find it a thrill to watch the Michigan State and University of Michigan basketball rivalry every single year. Every year, I hope that University of Michigan will come out on top!


Clara said...

That's a great picture! I'm on the other side of your equation. I want to see MSU win. Both schools have the reputation for academics as well as athletics. That's so important. And you have to love satellite TV. Glad you can still watch the Wolverines.

Stanshon said...

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