Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Ready For The Big Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. It will be a little over a month to go. Wow! How did time fly so fast? Where did it go? Thanksgiving Day is one of my favorite holidays here in USA, because most of my husband’s family from north will go down here to spend that special dinner with us. Just like last year. It is always fun having a large crowd in the house for that very special day. My husband calls it “The 3 F’s Day” Why? Because that day is about Family, Food and Football.
There will be a big preparation for that dinner. There will be wide variety of foods. Everybody will be preparing their own specialty menu. Turkeys, of course, is always part of that special event. And there will be variety of ways to prepare them. I wonder if we can do all the preparation here in our house. We may need a butcher block to prepare the Turkey. Using a butcher block for chopping meat is safer and less messy than doing it on the counter.
Putting up Adirondack chairs will be ideal for outdoor gathering, too. I just love its southern beauty; sturdy and yet elegant. The oldies will be on them while they are watching the kids playing on the playground.
Another important thing to consider is our utility sinks , too. I had to have my husband check on it. We had the problem with our sinks two weeks ago. It was from the grease that was stuck in the pipeline. We better make sure that it will not happened again. Not on that time.
Sometimes, preparation for family gathering is stressful, but all the stress will be worth it, because there is nothing more fun than having your family around for a special day of the year.

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pearl said...

grace, it will be my first thanksgiving, and we are going to celebrate it with my hubby's aunt in Nebraska:-)