Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Throw Pillows

At last, for the first time, I tried my electric sewing machine that my husband bought me as his gift last Valentines Day. I was not able to try it right away because just a couple of days after that, I got the job and was busy all the time. I love my electric sewing machine. I love its features and everything about it. I will need to make a cabinet for it with matching chair so that it will be easier for me to use it anytime I need it.
During my last visit in the Philippines, I bought some fabrics with the intention to make throw pillow cases for the three throw pillows that I bought from a garage store, that I have been kept in the closet for several months.
Here is the three throw pillows that I made the other day. Aren't they pretty? I am really so glad that I made them, and now I can display them in our living room. I love sewing. I have been doing it since in my teens. The difficult part of sewing here in Florida is finding cheaper fabrics for my projects. My only chance are when I go to thrift stores, or garage sales, where I find some unwanted fabrics and they just sell it for a dollar or a little more. I have a couple of them, but not enough to make three pillow cases.
I am looking forward to sew more in the days to come. A friend of mine told me to try Jo-Ann fabric and to try to inquire about fabric discounts. I will do so.


SassyChick said...

Wow,very nice Grace!...pwede patahi pud?...hehe...hubby bought me an electric sewing machine too but I broke it trying to figure out how to use it...haha

Lulu said...

wahahaha makamuot man ni si Anna!

love the color grace... green is one of my fave! nice job!

Pearl said...

Hi grace! they're so nice. i also liked the color. Good that you were able to buy the material from the Phils. Marunong ka na ba talagang manahi dati? Gusto ko rin matuto niyan, very handy kasi.

The Fitness Diva said...

Those are beautiful. What pretty fabric and what a lovely design.
You should certainly be proud of them - they're gorgeous! ;)