Monday, October 11, 2010

Groceries From Philippines

These and a little bit more are the groceries that I bought from Philippines that I brought home with me here during my last visit there. These are the stuff that I can't find here... or let me rephrase it, I can barely find here in USA. That was why when I was there, I really spare some money to be able to buy these groceries.
Allow me to enumerate them with the explanation on why I like them. I want to start with the corned beef. Sure enough we have corned beef here in USA. They even say that the corned beef here is better than in the Philippines. That is why most of the Filipino from here take some from here to bring to Philippines. I don't disagree with that. In some way it is true, but personally, I love the corned beef from the Philippines better than the one from here. Why? Probably because it is more juicy compare to the corned beef here. And also, there is a big difference on how we cook our corned beef back in the Philippines compare to how they cook theirs here. No offense, americans. We all have different tongue. I'm talking about sense of taste.
The second one is the Lucky Me Pancit Canton. This is my husband's favorite snack. There are different variation available, and I bought the "Extra Hot Chili" which he likes very much. The hotter is the better for him. Although I can find them sometimes in one of the Asian store around here, but barely the hot one.
Another one is the McCormick's Carbonara Mix. This is mine's favorite snack. I can't find this one here. Or maybe I just haven't be to a store where I can find them. Although I can come up with something else to get the taste that I want for my Carbonara, but having this mix in a packet is a lot easier.
All the rest are just extras, such as Nescafe 1 use pack instant coffee, Magic Sarap All-In-One seasoning, Knorr's Sinigang, Nestle Cream and Maggi Savor. Having all these stuff, and standing in my kitchen makes me feel like I am still in the Philippines.


chubskulit said...

Oh wow, so many goodies, nakauwi ka na pala sis.. Im sure you had a blast!

Clarissa said...

Lots of pinoy goodies!!Hoe envious!Dito rin sa Japan walang masyadong pinoy goodies.