Monday, October 11, 2010

Watching Baseball Double Headers

Thanks to Aurelio Delacruz
It sometimes hard to believe, but professional baseballs sometimes play double headers. If you are an avid baseball fan, this means that you are in for a long day of enjoyment. That is , if you go to both games. Personally I love baseball, but I can't always sit through back to back games, especially when you don't know how long the games will be. With as unpredictable as baseball is, its hard to estimate how long you could be watching double headers. I always make sure I give the dog extra water, and set my home security system, since I have no clue when I will be home. You never know whether the game will end early, or go into extra innings, or if it is going to rain. Prepare yourself for everything, that way you don't get caught off guard if something does come home. Double headers are fun if your crazy about baseball, and have nothing else to do for day, but when I don't want to go, I just watch it on my satellite tv from Cannon Satellite .

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