Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Visit To Michelle's House

Yesterday, the Filipina Mafia (This is what we called to ourselves, groupies of Filipinos around Merritt Island. This term was originally from my husband’s cousin’s comments about us, every time he saw us gathering either in pool or in our house.) has decided to go visit Michelle’s house. I am unemployed right now, so I was free. Jane had off from work yesterday, so she was free. Dolly don’t have job yet, so she was free, too. Off we go then.
We left around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Jane picked me up from our house, while Dolly was already in the car then. Jane was the one driving. I was amazed and worried at the same time. It was the first time I was on their car with her driving. She have her learner’s permit already though; and beside that, her husband was with us, sat down next to her so it should make me feel less worried. I was wondering why we were taking the road A1A. Michelle’s house is in Rockledge. We were supposed to take 520. What I didn’t know was that Michelle just moved down to Melbourne a couple of days ago, and that was why they have decided to visit her.
This picture was taken outside Michelle’s house. We are a group who just love taking pictures and post them in Facebook. We all love their new place. Michelle told me to start learning to drive so that I can just drive the car all by myself to visit her. I am looking forward to that though. I promised myself that after I visit Philippines, it will be the next thing that I will take care of. In line with that plan, getting insurance is one important thing that we need to do, too. I’ll probably just settle with short term insurance until I can purchase my own new car.

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