Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wine As Part Of My Cooking Hobby

I love cooking. I just started doing it after we moved here in Florida where I can say that I am now the queen of my own kitchen. I can do whatever I want, and cook my food in any way I want it. I love experimenting, especially if I can’t find the ingredients that I ought to use. I gather spices and wines of different kind to add quality on the food. Wine is always part of my cooking hobby. Experimenting food is fun.
Collecting wine is cool. I have three reasons why I gather them and these are the following:
*For Display- We display the bottles of wine even if the content were as little as an ounce.
*For Good Time Toast- Birthdays, project done, exam passed, promotion and others.
*For Cooking- Beef, liver or lobsters are at its best when you add a few drops of wine in it when cooking.
Talking about wine, this reminds me that I need this JK Adams wine rack to put on my collections. Bottles of wine should stay on its side to keep the cork wet to preserve the wine’s integrity. JK Adams is the dealer of quality wood products from racks to furniture. Their designs are exquisite and are made of high quality wood. Oh, and I need a spice rack, too. Please go with me to their website to look for JK Adams wine racks and JK Adams spice racks .


willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Sometimes, I cook with wine, especially pork meat.

Lulu Post said...

i love my shrimp and white wine dish... most of time if i cook beef i used wine too to tenderize...