Monday, November 22, 2010

Being a First-Time Home Owner

Guest post written by Pete Schnieder

My wife has been on me lately to take a more vested interested in homeproimprovement, especially now that weÕre officially home-owners. YepÑfor the first time together, weÕre no longer renting a propertyÑwe own it! ItÕs an amazing difference, I can already tellÉthe space just feels like itÕs more ours. I think one of our first projects is going to be to add a nice sunroom adjacent to our back portch/living room area. ItÕll be nice especially in the spring and summer months since weÕll be able to actually utilize our beautiful back yardÑsoaking up a few rays and kicking back to enjoy life.

I think weÕre also going to build a fire pit area near the projected space for our sunroom so we can have cookouts. ThatÕs one thing we never did enough of at our old house, and weÕre thinking that could be a good way to get to know the neighbors, too. WeÕre really going to take pride in fixing this place up so that itÕs more us. CanÕt wait to get started!

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