Monday, November 22, 2010

Who Can Touch The Apple Of God's Eye?

I found myself asking tonight when I was on my way home from work, "why do we always have new problems?". I feel down tonight because of the problem I had encounter at work this afternoon. But my soul says; my problems are design to make me stronger and wiser for future use. Thank you, God. You are my strength.
We are very precious in God's eyes. He takes good care of us. He does what is best for us. At times, we may don't understand what is happening in our lives, but rest assured, He is in control, and nothing harm befalls to His children. We are the apple of His eyes ("apple" means "pupil") and like anybody else, nobody wants their eye's pupil be touched. It is our natural instinct to protect our pupil at all cost. And that is what God is exactly doing for us. He is protecting us at all cost. Even to the point of giving His son to die on the cross for us. Who can touch the apple of God's eye?
"...for whoever touches you touches the apple of God's eye." Zechariah 2:8 NIV

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