Thursday, November 18, 2010

Canned Peaches

I was checking the pantry this afternoon to see what would be good for dinner, then, I found out that we still have this last jar of canned peaches. I am so happy. I thought I ate the last one. I miss this peach so much. This is my favorite fruit here in USA. This canned peaches is from Michigan. Mom and Dad grow them. They brought these (and some other canned goodies) for us when they came here for a visit last March.
One of the things that I love about Michigan are the fruits and vegetables we have in our backyard. It felt so blessed to eat the harvest right from your own backyard. I remembered my first fruit picking there was a red apple. How I love those feelings. It was something that rarely happen to anybody in the Philippines. It never did to me. How I miss to pick up peaches during afternoon, when Paige, Fluffer and I go for an afternoon walk. Precious moments! Now, I can only wish for a chance that we will go there again to visit. There are so many things I miss about Michigan and I am just so thankful that I had that experiences. God is so good. They are treasures that I kept in my heart forever.


sweetdonut said...

wow... you are lucky! gosh! i want that feeling too. picking my first red juicy apple.

chubskulit said...

I bet you love the weather there in Florida sis..

Cacai M. said...

wow.. ang galing naman.. I was introduced by my aunt-in-law (her favorite canned fruit) with that peaches when I was in college in our birth country and since then I love it!

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