Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend At Myrtle Beach

My husband’s relative (the ones that I haven’t met yet) will be with us in a few days from now. They are from north and they will be spending the Thanksgiving weekend with us. We will be having a big Thanksgiving Dinner at the basketball court. It will surely be another wonderful dinner for all of us. We did this same thing last year, too. My problem is that I have to work on Thanksgiving Day. I wish I don’t have to, so that I can spend more time with them and can help with the preparation, too. On their way back home, they will be staying in South Carolina for a weekend escapade. They want to take advantage of the last days of the warm days before they will go back to the north.

I am jealous. I have always wished to spend a weekend in South Carolina, specifically in Myrtle Beach. The beaches there are fantastic. If you have been there, too, I believe you would agree with me on this. Everything about Myrtle Beach will take your breath away, from the lazy river to the contemporary architecture. It is their goal to build this resort into a place where the beach and the warm weather will wipe away your stress and make you feel relaxed. It is just such a perfect place for family fun, getaways, weddings, convention… or just to be by yourself. It is no wonder why over 13 million visit there annually.

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