Friday, November 19, 2010

Turn Your Guest Room Into A Hotel Room

I like dressing up our guest room. It is my favorite room in the house. It got twin bed in it with a large window facing the tallest pine tree in our area. I keep it clean all the time. I feel like I own a hotel, making it beautiful and always ready for a guest who may sleep over. I had one already; my friend who work in St. Petersburg stayed with us for two days and two nights. Every time I entered that room, part of me would wish that we’ll always have a company with us.

I’m a fan of fine bedding sets. I spent a lot of times looking around for gorgeous beddings and everything about making the bedroom pretty. Just recently, I found the website of Upon browsing at their products, it made me wish that I found their website long time ago. I am really in love with their bedding set specially this one in the picture; Mirabella Floral Purple and White Comforter set. This design is a New Bedding by Pem America . It is a 200 count sheeting materials and machine washable. I can almost imagine our guest room with this comforter set.

I am glad, too, that in their website I found New Products by The Merchant Source . I love their decorative rods. I need some for the two bedrooms. The ones we have are old and slim. It looks like it can’t carry heavy curtains. There are another New Products by Cuddledown that I like; their bed skirts. They are so pretty. I have a couple of bed skirts and didn’t think I need a new one, but when I saw their bed skirts, it made me want to just get rid of our old bed skirts and get theirs. Oh joy! Life is full of wishes. If only I can do every thing that I like to happen, what a life I could have then.

Check their website and turn your guest room into a hotel room. :)

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Pearl said...

I like this article...I do want to turn my guest room into a hotel room once I get the means:-)