Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Is Cool To Be Rustic

It has been a year since we move here in Florida, and most of our furniture are temporary. We bought them few days after we moved here. My husband and I agreed to buy second hand furniture, and will just replace them as soon as we are set with all the expenses that we have to go through. As of now, we are starting to replace some stuff, such as the guest room’s bed and some kitchen stuff. Our next goal is the bedroom furniture. Although we like the dresser and side drawers that came with our old bedroom furniture, but the bed is terrible. We definitely need a new one.
I found a website that got scenic furniture. Their product pictures are ideal, since we are here in Florida and it got the tropical theme on them. I believe it can work almost anywhere though. The image shown is a Canopy Bed, in the category of rustic bedroom furniture . They are just one of many unique bedroom furniture styles they have in store.
These beds are undeniably unique. It will surely get positive comments from your visitors. Visit their website for more pictures, other products and details. Sometimes, it is cool to be rustic. It is cool to be different.

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Pearl said...

I'm going to need furnitures soon! what a nice idea gracie:-)