Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beautify Our Home With Pretty Mailboxes

I spotted my niece online last night on Facebook. I took the chance of passing my message to my mama, to ask her if she got the letter that I sent to her almost a month ago… and as usual, the mails are late. She didn’t have it yet. I am hoping that she will have it early next week. My letters always make her happy and inspired. I sent her another one just a week ago, too. Her letters always make me happy, too. We regularly exchange letters. She likes to write. I do, too. I know I got it from her. That is why every time we pass by our mailbox, I always check it if there is something for me, or for my husband. We get mails daily; bills, flyers, magazines and appointments.
Talking about mailbox, I always get fascinated when I saw a pretty one. For instance, this picture of mailbox that I posted is from the variation of Whitehall Mailboxes . They can be find in the site of Isn’t that a very pretty mailbox? I would probably love to check in it everyday even if I am not expecting any letter at all. (He-he-he.) They got a whole variety style of pretty and unique mailboxes , address plaques , mailbox posts and accessories, too. Their products are made of high quality materials best recommended for all uses including residential mailboxes .
If you are thinking of getting one, I suggest that you visit their website and look for variety of pretty designs. Have fun!

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Pearl said...

turuan mo na mag email si mama mo nanay tinuruan ko talaga kaya everyday may emails kami:-) tipid sa phone calls, hehe