Monday, November 22, 2010

Mingle With Single

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In this present generation, I can’t understand why anybody would still claim that they don’t have a friend or that there is nobody in this earth that they can date with. There are so many things a single woman or man can do compare to those who are married, and one of them is the freedom to gather as much friends or dating friends and just enjoy life before settling down. Well, wha I understand is that people are tyring to avoid the waste of time and money in dating somebody, and above all, they are trying to save themselves from disappointment that an immature relationship always brought.

Well, if this is your case, I got something exciting for you. Check out, it is a new high-tech, social dating site with cutting edge features and communication tools. Through their cool interactive elements, virtual dating is being made possible and close to realistic. I created my profile and I can really say that this is very cool and something I have never heard before. You can create your 3D avatar, like mine into what I want to look like, my way of clothing, hair, etc., and it allows me to flirt along with some other kind of movement. You can select, too, on what kind of location you want the virtual date to happen. I picked up the beach. They offer variety of refreshing and creative ways to date. I suggest that you create a profile and take advantage of the first three months free profile posting when you upload a picture to your profile.
This kind of virtual dating is addictive; more addictive than playing an online game. According to THS Investigates, “Virtual dating helps curb the dangers of online dating by allowing people to get to know each other better before meeting in person.” Aside from their very intuitive way to chat, they also have “Love Match” game where you get to know each other deeper. Try it and enjoy!

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