Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My First Knitted Scarf

This is my first finished output from my new-bought loom. A knitted scarf. I started on this a week ago, and worked on it half an hour a day. I know it doesn't show so much in the picture, but I think my knitted scarf is not bad for a first timer. In fact, I love it.
I love the color very much. It is called Woodsy, a worsted medium yarn from Red Heart. I always use Red Heart because it is cheaper and it is available in Wal-Mart, where it is just right next to our place.
I may give this one to Nanay Becca. I will be making more of this in variety of colors. It will only take one skeins of yarn to make this 2 yards of scarf. I think this will make a good gift to my friends and some family members.
I love crafts, and I love learning new things. Crafts is my one way of expressing my feelings. It is one of my outlet that I can display my accomplishments. It is through working on crafts that I find relaxing moment without being idle.
I can proudly say now that I am ready for the cold strike of winter here in Florida on next month with my fashionable knitted scarf. (Thank you, God, for the pair of hands and for the gift of craftmanship.)

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Pearl said...

wow you're are also into knitting! I love it:-)